About me

Susanne Grote Lundström,
born 1961,

married to a swedish doctor
and mother of five children.

studies in medicine and psychology in sweden and in germany

education in hypnosis, traumatherapy, guided affective imagery (GAI), psychodynamic therapy
Yoga and psychotherapeutic relaxation techniques

After 15 years in Scandinavia, now own practice in Eppelborn - Saarland - Germany

What I do

Individual sessions, partnertherapy, homevisits, relaxation therapy (in groups),
Yoga - progressive muscle relaxation - autogenic training
Anger, stress and pain managment for adults, adolescents and children
Give up smoking or lose weight with the help of a group
Overcome pregnancy fears
Hypnotherapy with irritable colon

I work with the techniques of hypnotherapy after Milton Erickson:
and guided affective imagery (GAI):